General Grant Restrictions
The following restrictions apply to all organizations requesting funds from The Stewart Huston Charitable Trust:
  • All grant awards are subject to the vote of the full Trustee body.
  • It is not the intention of the Trustees to establish a permanent grant relationship with grantees.
  • During the period in which a present grantee is receiving tentative payments on a previously awarded grant, the Trustees will not entertain a new grant request until the multi-year commitment is completed.
  • Additionally, for good and sufficient reasons, the Trustees reserve the right to cancel future grant payments on any multi-year commitments they have made.
  • The Trustees will not award a new grant to an organization which has unfulfilled reporting requirements from a previous grant award.

With regard to types of grants, the Trustees do not make grant awards for:

  • Financial support for individuals
  • Endowment purposes
  • Purchases of tickets for benefit purposes
  • Coverage of continuing operating deficits

Concerning types of organizations, support is not provided to the following:
  • Organizations not qualified for tax-exempt ststus under Section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code.
  • Intermediate or pass-through organizations (other than United Way and Chester County Community Foundation) which in turn allocate funds to beneficiaries of their own selection.
  • Groups such as fraternal organizations, political parties or candidates, veterans, labor or local civic groups, volunteer fire companies, and groups involved in influencing legislation.
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