Secular Distribution Guidelines
Mr. Huston stipulated that forty percent of the annual distributions from the Trust are to be used for secular charitable activities within one hundred miles of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

Grants generally are made in the following program categories.

Health and Human Services

  • Activities which promote community-based health care.
  • Programs which provide emotional and pysical support to children, youth, adults, and senior citizens, as well as those which strengthen families and assist individuals with special needs.
  • Programs which increase employment oppurtunites and provide a means for developing self-reliance, responsibility and productivity among individuals in need.

Civic Affairs

  • Projects that enhance the quality of life in local communities and revitalize them.
  • Programs which provide educational opportunities for individuals, including those with special needs.
  • Programs which promote human relations and understanding among diverse populations
  • Activities addressing the speacial needs of youth at risk for delinquency, school drop-out, abuse, neglect, and pregnancy.
  • Activities that enable a broad spectrum of citizens to have access to artistic and cultural experiences which may otherwise be denied them.
  • Programs which help preserve/exhibit historic, artistic and cultural treasures.
  • On a very limited basis, fundraising efforts such as festivals, concerts and other events.
Deadline for applications is April 1st.

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